Build A Custom Steel Home in Cedar Park or Austin, TX

Learn about the benefits of choosing modular steel-framed housing

Looking for unique, affordable housing options? Reach out to Stackhouse Container Homes today. We offer modular steel-framed housing in the Cedar Park and Austin, TX areas. When you choose us, we’ll work with you to create a custom home design that matches your needs and budget. We’ll build your new home at our facility. Once completed, we’ll deliver your home to your property.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new homebuilding opportunity. Call Stackhouse Container Homes today for additional details about modular steel-framed housing.

3 benefits of building a modular steel-framed home

Are you considering building a steel home? Call Stackhouse Container Homes today. We offer a range of modular steel-framed housing services among other cutting-edge alternative housing solutions. You can count on us to construct the custom steel home of your dreams.

We recommend homebuyers choose modular steel-framed housing because:

  • It’s easy to build and maintain
  • It’s made of eco-friendly steel and other recyclable materials
  • Its appearance can be tailored to look just like a traditional home
You can add many of the features you’d find in a traditional home to your modular steel-framed house. For more details about the modular steel-framed housing we build in Austin and Cedar Park, TX, contact us today.