Build a Shipping Container Home in Cedar Park & Austin, Texas

Bring in the team from Stackhouse Container Homes to handle the job

Residential Shipping Container Homes & Commercial Shipping Container Work Spaces

Modern, Modular, Efficient & Sustainable. That's how we would describe this housing option. Looking for a way to downsize? Stackhouse Container Homes can help. Our team can design a custom home for you using shipping containers! Shipping container homes These sleek, modern homes can be ready to occupy in 30%-50% less time than using standard construction methods.

Go over your ideas for your future home with one of our crew, and we'll construct your new home accordingly. We can build a container home that's anywhere from 100 to 5,000 square feet in size, so the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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Experience the flexibility of building with shipping containers

Stackhouse Container Homes of Cedar Park and Austin, Texas provides comprehensive shipping container design and building services. Our shipping container structures can be used for just about anything. You can stack them to create:

  • Customizable homes
  • Office spaces
  • Temporary event spaces for festivals
  • Sustainable Mini-Farms
  • School buildings
  • Mother-in-law suites
  • Guest quarters
  • College Dorms
  • Hotels
  • Mobile bathrooms, laundry, showers
  • Pop-up retail store
  • Mobile Kitchen
  • Mobile branding environment
  • Event hospitality villages
  • "bungalows for your family get-away location"
  • "makes a perfect "glamping" cabin for the hunting/fishing/camping retreat"
  • "create a village of container homes and start your own Bed and Breakfast."

Want to live in something different?

Something built to last, with modern amenities and a sleek feel? How about the flexibility to add onto, or move your home, at a moments notice.

Or maybe you crave a simpler existence and are looking for a dwelling with the sustainability options to reduce your carbon footprint and, if you prefer, to go completely off the grid?

Living in a re-purposed steel box might be right up your alley.

Our passion is helping people live "differently". Who wants to be normal?

Live without limits in Cedar Park & Austin, TX

Live without limits in Cedar Park & Austin, TX

Growing out of a space can be frustrating, especially since it means you're in for costly remodeling or renovation work. Choose a new way of living by building a shipping container home with Stackhouse Container Homes.

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar homes, you're not limited in what you can do to improve your living space. You can add multiple units to your shipping container structure for a much lower cost than traditional home improvement projects!

All of our units are manufactured in-house and can be transported to your location with ease. We'll also connect you with local contractors that specialize in hooking up utilities for additional units.

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